Jump Start Your Fitness Goals
with WatchTrack Fitness Tracker

Online Discount Activated

Includes Health and Fitness Tools

Jump Start Your Fitness Goals

Online Discount Activated

Includes Health and Fitness Tools


How Does WatchTrack Stack Up Against Other Brands?

Other smart watches do less and cost 5 times as much!

Specification WatchTrack Other Brand
Heart Rate Tracking
Activity (Steps, Calories, Blood Pressure Monitor, etc)
Blood Pressure Monitor
Recovery Optimization
Cord-Free Charging
Tactical-Style Device

Sleek. Stylish. Responsive. This Fitness Tracker Does It All!

Lose Weight - For Good!

This little device gives you a tactical edge to lose weight and keep it off.

"Gentle Nudge" Activity Reminder

Sometimes we lose track of time and sit for hours. WatchTrack gives you a gentle nudge to remind you to get up and get moving.

Accurate Step Tracking

Tracks your steps accurately so you can be sure you're reaching your goals.

Goal Tracking

Set fitness goals and monitor your progress as you work toward them.

Heart Rate Monitor

Precise sensors track your heart rate so you that you know you’re in the zone.

Sleep Monitoring

Even at night, WatchTrack is monitoring your progress, making sure you're getting enough sleep to lose weight easily.

Health & Fitness Tools

*Included at no additional cost for 60 days.

Online Coaching

Exercise Program

Fitness Nutrition

Health Risk Assessment

Health Information Library

Fun Effective Tools and Apps

*$9.95 monthly thereafter if you choose to continue


WatchTrack is a powerful smart watch designed to help you lose weight. Updated technology tracks your steps and heart rate to help you stay active and reach your weight loss goals. Get the benefits of a "FitBit" for RISK FREE!