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Amazing Features

Stay on Track

Count how many calories you’ve burned and stay on track with what you eat (no more guessing or trying to remember)

Keeps you Active

Watch vibrates if you're inactive for too long and gently reminds you to get moving like your own fitness coach

Monitor Vitals

Monitor heart rate and blood pressure instantly wherever you are. No bulky cuff needed!

Track Sleep Quality

Wear WatchTrack at night to monitor sleep, analyze quality, and sleep better so you lose weight effortlessly

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Health & Fitness Tools

*Included at no additional cost for 90 days.

Online Coaching

Exercise Program

Fitness Nutrition

Health Risk Assessment

Health Information Library

Fun Effective Tools and Apps

*$9.95 monthly thereafter if you choose to continue


Introducing the WatchTrack Fitness Tracker

WatchTrack is a powerful smart watch designed to help you lose weight. Updated technology tracks your steps and heart rate to help you stay active and reach your weight loss goals. Get the benefits for "FitBit" for RISK FREE!

Activity Tracker

Tracks your steps and distance so that you’ll always know when you hit your goals.

Calorie Counter

Tracks calories burned so you can modify your diet to reach a deficit for weight loss or make sure you consume the right amount to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Activity Reminder

Automatically detects inactivity and gently reminds you to get moving. Perfect for anyone that wants to stay active.

Sleep Tracker

Monitor your sleep patterns so you can ensure you're getting enough rest each night.

Sleek. Stylish. Responsive. This Fitness Tracker Does It All!

Lose Weight - For Good!

This little device gives you a tactical edge to lose weight and keep it off.

"Gentle Nudge" Activity Reminder

Sometimes we lose track of time and sit for hours. WatchTrack gives you a gentle nudge to remind you to get up and get moving.

Accurate Step Tracking

Tracks your steps accurately so you can be sure you're reaching your goals.

Goal Tracking

Set fitness goals and monitor your progress as you work toward them.

Heart Rate Monitor

Precise sensors track your heart rate so you that you know you’re in the zone.

Sleep Monitoring

Even at night, WatchTrack is monitoring your progress, making sure you're getting enough sleep to lose weight easily.

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Premium Features Built to Last

WatchTrack is built with premium features such as Bluetooth connection so your data is stored on your smartphone and you can see phone call and message notifications right on your tracker. WatchTrack also senses when you’ve been sitting and gives you a “gentle nudge” to get up and move at regular intervals.

Smartphone Assist

Smartphone Assist

Call & Message Reminders

Call & Message Reminders

IP67 Water & Sweat Proof

Gentle Nudge Reminder

Quality Construction Perfect for Every Situation

Now you can track your health and activity goals automatically - no matter where you are. Whether you’re at home, work, indoors, outdoors, or at the store, WatchTrack monitors your activity and calculates each step toward your fitness goals.

Athletic Workouts

Jogging & Running



Resistance Training

Outdoor Activities





How Does WatchTrack Stack Up Against Other Brands?

Other smart watches do less and cost 5 times as much!

Specification WatchTrack Other Brand
Heart Rate Tracking
Activity (Steps, Calories, Blood Pressure Monitor, etc)
Blood Pressure Monitor
Recovery Optimization
Cord-Free Charging
Tactical-Style Device

Healthy Lifestyle Assessment and Risk Report

This self-paced health assessment reviews 10 different aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Upon completion, you will receive a health overview report highlighting any potential risks with regard to issues like…

  • Cancer
  • Heart
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Stress Safety

Coaching and Support

Weight loss and lifestyle changes can be difficult to maintain without the proper support system. Our program offers the extra support and motivation needed to reach and maintain your goals. We go above and beyond with personalized and customized plans and support including one-on-one direction from coaches and mentors.

  • FB Support Groups
  • Personal Follow-up from Coaches
  • Customized Meal Plans
  • Customized Exercise plans
  • Motivational text messages to help keep you on track

Online Fitness & Nutrition

The Online Fitness Center, in partnership with Leanness Lifestyle University, is an established leader in online lifestyle education for permanent weight management and offers competitive advantages and two main guiding principles that the founder has lived by since 1999.

  • tick Six Week modules
  • tick Step by Step program
  • tick
    Lose up to 10 lbs in your first week
  • tick
    Up to 10% of their start weight in 6 weeks
  • tick Customized Meal Plans
  • tick Custom Workouts
  • tick
    Audible Guided Strength Conditioning Workouts
  • tick
    Audible Guided Cardio Workouts

Limited time offer. Get your WatchTrack RISK FREE to review for 14 days

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